Looking for a company that specializes in Commercial Cleaning Sydney & Office Cleaning?

Well, you’ve come to the right place! We are a Sydney based company which has extensive experience in domestic cleaning, office cleaning and commercial cleaning Sydney. Regardless of the size of the building, our staff will ensure everything is spotless when they have finished. Our reputation is built on the quality of our commercial cleaning services in Sydney, both in terms of the job we do and the staff we employ.


Your office building is the face of your company. To keep your organization at its best, we provide commercial cleaning services of the highest standards backed by our local experts who understand your unique needs. At Sydney’s 5 Star Cleaning we offer a customized commercial cleaning service to suit every business requirement. From budget, to cleaning frequency and operating hours our services are adaptable and efficient and tailor-made to suit your specific needs. Our 100% priority and focus is leaving a lasting first impression that you and your customers recognize and appreciate.

We pride ourselves on having a clear understanding of your business requirements concerns and challenges, backed by cost effective solutions to meet any requirements. We endeavor to build strong working relationships with all our clientele to ensure we achieve the highest standards of cleanliness and provide a safe working environment for all.


But what exactly should you expect from Sydney’s 5 Star Cleaning?

A service that covers the entire Greater Sydney area

Fully-insured cleaners that can cover all manner of commercial properties

Friendly, reliable and professional cleaners that work to achieve 100% customer satisfaction

Great deals & very affordable prices on Contract Cleaning Services in Sydney

A Guaranteed service delivered on time every time


Our commercial cleaning services in Sydney are available but not limited to the following:

Industrial units
Childcare centers
Pubs & Clubs & many more!

State-wide coverage

Our Head Office is in Sydney and serves the whole of the city and the surrounding areas. All our offices deliver the same first rate commercial cleaning service, alongside a broad range of complementary, expert services including carpet and floor cleaning and maintenance, washroom services, janitorial supplies, waste management and laundry services.

Our sectors

Car Dealership & Showroom Cleaning Sydney

The first impression your showroom or dealership presents to your visiting public is absolutely crucial to the overall impression they form of you as a business. We make sure your vehicles are kept shiny and beautiful and are presented in the best possible way by keeping the whole showroom as sparkling clean as the products it is designed to show off.

Commercial, Office & Contract Cleaning Sydney

Sydney's 5 Star Cleaning was founded on daily office cleaning several years ago. We continue to use highly skilled and trained cleaning operatives to suit the flexible needs of the modern office environment. We have extensive experience in all building types and our cleaning teams use innovative methods and the latest machinery to deliver an unparalleled service.

Hospitality, Hotel & Pub Cleaning Sydney

Using our extensive skills gained across a wide range of sectors, Sydney's 5 Star Cleaning can provide a regular service to ensure your hospitality venue looks clean and sparkling, as well as being hygienically clean in all areas. Your clientele will get a great impression of your venue when they first walk in, and continue to be impressed by the ambiance for the duration of their visit.

Professional Practices Cleaning Sydney

To professional practices such as accountants, media agencies and lawyers, while image is extremely important, client confidentiality and protection of assets is paramount. Sydney's 5 Star Cleaning is built on cleaning and maintaining facilities to exacting standards and we recognise the importance of protecting valuable building assets. Our recruitment process ensures that all team members are thoroughly vetted and trustworthy, and we have an enviably low turnover of staff, allowing for continuity and reliability in the service we provide to our clients.

Public Sector Cleaning Sydney

Public sector premises can vary in size, purpose and clientele, but all need to be run smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively. Many will have tight security and all will be subject to strict health and safety guidelines. Our extensive experience allows us to help our clients to achieve a vastly improved and sustained standard of cleanliness, often while reducing costs and giving greater control of budgets.

Retail, Gyms & Leisure Sector Cleaning Sydney

The appearance of your retail outlet, gym or leisure facility is crucial in helping to establish and meet your customer's expectations of your business. We can adapt our contract cleaning services for a wide variety of retailers and leisure facilities, working in partnership with our clients to make their customers' experience as positive as possible and ensure brand image is maintained.

Schools & Educational Facilities Cleaning Sydney

Schools and other educational premises can be particularly demanding environments to clean, with students and staff using all the facilities every day. Keeping a school hygienically clean helps to minimise absence for both students and staff and delivers a better learning and working environment. At Sydney's 5 Star Cleaning we understand that security is paramount, so any staff assigned to work in a school are background checked and all wear uniforms so they can be easily identified.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning Sydney

5 Star Cleaning cleans carpets in private homes, offices, nurseries, public houses, restaurants etc using our Steam Carpet Cleaning machine which has a tremendous amount of vacuum to extract the dirt, debris and clean and deodorize your valuable carpets in the deepest way possible and the carpets will dry quickly too. 5 Star Carpet Cleaning are fully insured so you can be confident that when we clean your carpet or upholstery we will use the correct carpet cleaning procedure that will not leave a sticky residue behind that may act as a magnet for dirt in the future leaving your carpets fully deodorized, with a lovely fresh "just cleaned" smell and drying times are kept to a bare minimum.

Window & Abseiling Cleaning Sydney

Any windows, any size. 5 Star Cleaning employees dedicated team of window cleaners with extensive experience. As with all our services, we are cost effective and responsive. We complete window cleaning when it suits the client. We have not had any insurance claims against us for scratched glass (this is rare).

Extensive range of professional cleaning services

Providing excellence in commercial and office cleaning services can be largely attributed to three key factors: people, training and flexibility. Sydney's 5 Star Cleaning has been offering an extensive range of expert commercial cleaning and complementary specialist services all over Sydney for several years.

We're sure that our focus on employing the most dedicated and efficient people, providing top quality training in all areas of cleaning and hygiene and offering our clients a flexible, bespoke service have all contributed to our success.

We would like to introduce ourselves as a reliable and
professional cleaning company.

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what our client says

Testimonial 4



"Hi Nabi thank's for the carpet cleaning You did a awesome Job and it looks like brand new and surely You guys would be on top of recommendation, thanks once again.

Testimonial 3

Lucas Ray


"I recently had builders at my place, they did a good job but left a big mess. I didn't want to ruin what they had already built so I called Sydney5Star cleaners and belive me they did it. They cleaned up everything quickly and now I can enjoy my place properly".

Testimonial 2

James Liam


"I have never experienced so complete Commercial cleaning service as the one "NABI" most recently provided us! The follow up and attention to detail after the initial cleaning was remarkable and completely unexpected. Thank you for everything! I will definitely be scheduling another cleaning very soon."

Testimonial 1

Josi William's


"Our home needed a lot of cleanup after the builders left. The carpet was dirty and there was dust everywhere. Thanks Nabi for doing such a fine job, it looks like new again".